BF2042 Hack Changelog 11/25/21

BF2042 Hack – Hack updated for latest game/offsets patch

PUBG Hack Changelog 11/25/21

PUBG Hack – PUBG injector fixed (Steam update and cause bsod on injection)

RUST Private Hack Changelog 11/25/21

RUST Private Hack – Rust advanced – Added target behind wall option in the magic bullet settings. Video of it in use:

Rust public – added desync for view offset. Now you can desync up to 9 meters in the air without any invalids.

BF2042 Hack Changelog 11/21/21

BF2042 Hack – Hack Updated – Now with Bones Esp and bones selection for the aimbot!

New World Hack Changelog 11/19/21

New World Hack – updated for last game patch.

RUST Hack Changelog 11/18/21

RUST Hack – updated for last game patch. Advanced – Randomization for mountable players. Added Horse, kayak, car, RHIB, rowboat, support for bone+pierce(you dont need aimbot to hit players on these entities, just aim and shoot, basically magic bullet). Have fun!

RUST Advanced Hack -Fixed rare invalids while on mountables while using magic bullet. Magic bullet will now only make you desync whenever a player is actually hittable. Fixed flicker with manipulated text. Also some of you have had questions about the manipulation text, whenever it says manipulated that means whenever you shoot you can hit them. Have fun!

BF2042 Hack Changelog 11/18/21

BF2042 BETA – Hack was updated to latest game patch

RUST Hack Changelog 11/17/21

Rust advanced – Improved magic bullet, increased distance, inf jump + desync no longer causes you to fling into the air, 100% accurate autofire timings, auto fire now has 2 options(game auto fire, mouse auto fire), added map marker target selection for magic bullet(useful for destroying TCS,boxes,bags, etc).



Rust public + Advanced – Added point of interest, this function is very useful with the new MLRS update. Here is a video on how to use the new point of interest feature with the MLRS rockets.


More improvements with the magic bullet will be done in a few days. Enjoy!

BF2042 Hack Changelog 11/13/21

BF2042 BETA – We released a Hack BETA for BF2042 for lifetime customers. Check our Discord to see if you are eligble to access.

RUST Hack Changelog 11/10/21

RUST – Auto clone now only clones growable entities that are ripe. Fixed issue with disconnect via RPC message error while using specific features. Auto unlock underwater crates now requires you to look at them. Added custom waypoints on the map.

APEX Hack Changelog 11/09/21

APEX – Added NPC esp for Prowlers, Spiders, and Marvin. Also added supply crate ESP. It’ll only show unopened supply crates.

New World Hack Changelog 11/07/21

New World – PvPFlagged ESP Toggle (Shows only PvPFlagged players) PvP Flagged Aimbot Toggle (Aimlock on PvP Flagged players only) Added More Player Aimbone Positions – Neck – Spine

Bug Fixes: Allies ESP Bug Fixed Allies Aimbot Bug Fixed Removed Silkweed Double Entry Fixed Turkey and Wolf Color Paired Bug

RUST Hack Changelog 11/07/21

Rust – Rust friend system updated. Friend list option removed. To add a friend press your addfriend hotkey that you’ve selected in the menu while your friend is in your FOV. To remove that friend simply press your addfriend hotkey again. Same with enemys. (Enemy tracker coming soon that will allow you to find your targets base with ease). Fixed healthbar alignment once switching healthbar types. Fixed no water blur + locked crate timer + hotbar/clothing random flickers.

RUST Hack Changelog 11/05/21

Rust – Rust +Advanced fixed silent farm with chainsaw crashing. + Resolved issue with weird movements with nothing enabled.

RUST Hack Changelog 11/05/21

Rust – Rust + Advanced updated for latest game patch.

PUBG Hack Changelog 11/03/21

PUBG – PUBG Hack was updated for latest game patch. Currently only available to lifetime customers.

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